Acerca de olivier soumah-mis


We are a Consulting Group specialized in the Development of Cultural Intelligence.

Our highly qualified specialists work on providing our customers the information, analysis and support for the development of their successful International Business, with a special focus on the Cultural Diversity.

OLIVIER SOUMAH-MIS is a strong and strategic ally and become a competitive advantage in your favor, as the world becomes more complex, supporting the leading management in their every day work and making easier the decision making in the diversity of cultural contexts.


OLIVIER SOUMAH-MIS has presence in every continent, and in up to 80 countries and more than 100 cities thanks to the Cross Cultural Consultants Network he has established. Over 100 coaches, professors, academics and researchers – all highly qualified – consolidate this network and all available for you.

It was OLIVIER SOUMAH-MIS’ vision in the first place that created this network, that has been consolidate throughout the years, with its main purpose and advantage of always having a global vision of business to develop genuine, effective and efficient strategies providing service of great value to our customers.


OLIVIER SOUMAH-MIS is engaged to guide and follow Leading Management through their activities, providing with a clear vision of its context for the better management and optimization of its latent or evident cultural diversity. Our role is to simplify the perception and clarify the challenges of the globalization, with the sole objective of making the decision making simpler, defining innovative and effective developing strategies.


Our work in Consulting and in the Development of Cultural Intelligence is similar to the artisan, in the way that: we both develop tailored products, we are detail oriented, providing our customers with great customer care and resulting in an unmatched genuine piece of work of high quality.

Building relationships of TRUST is crucial for OLIVIER SOUMAH-MIS, which is why we proudly reflect it in our values and have been able to keep long lasting successful business relationships.


Enthusiasm is the privileged state in which man moves forward with a strength from within which allows him to transcend and create. It is our first value that inspires us to constantly reach higher.

Diversity is obvious in our Cross Cultural Consultants Network, and also the source of our strength and creativity. The integration of our diversity is the essence of our professionalism in Cultural Intelligence, and allows us to keep close relationships with our customers.

Originality – Creativity – Innovation are key words in our business. Certain schemes and patterns are becoming obsolete with the ongoing changes the world is affected on a daily basis. We are facing new challenges, to which are required new solutions. Problems, clients, products – services, clients and competition are different, and we are required to think differently to bring out new solutions which will adapt to the present.

Being different is not enough, Professionalism is the last but least of the values that OLIVIER SOUMAH-MIS stand for. This leads to reduced time of response, high performance, productivity and efficiency, which we have learned through high academics degrees and mostly throughout our 20 years of professional experience. This is what allows us to work at the same level of leading management of multinational corporations.