, an online resource for marketers looking to reach the multicultural consumer, was launched on November 5, 2007, at the 2007 ANA Multicultural Excellence Summit by Global Advertising Strategies. With minority buying power projected to exceed $1.7 trillion by 2010, this unique online platform offers marketers a one-stop place to survey thousands of ethnic events with a click of a mouse.
According to Luba Tolkachyov, the Project Director for, “Grassroots outreach continues to be an important part of the multicultural marketing mix.” Traditionally finding events that are best for your products has been a tedious affair, necessitating hours of research. “ makes your search painless, putting professionals in touch with the organizer or the community leader behind every happening listed in our database,” Luba added.
Across over 30 ethnic markets, consolidates information on a wide range of events such as street festivals, parades, community conferences, ethnic concerts and performances, as well as business tradeshows. Among the prominent upcoming events to be found in the database are vibrant Chinese New Year celebrations, Cinco de Mayo fiestas, and Black History Month events. Users can customize their searches by state, ethnicity, and date. More options will be added soon.
Larry Moskowitz, VP of Integration, at Global Advertising Strategies indicated that, “in general, multicultural marketers enjoy a high return on their investment. This is due to the relatively low cost of media and events sponsorships and the relatively high loyalty these consumers show to brands which are visible within the community.”
In addition to the event database, subscribers can network on the site blog, recruit promotional event staff, and review an extensive multimedia gallery of videos and photographs from past events. For more information, log onto or contact Luba Tolkachyov at 212.964.0030 x 256.

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